Hey my name is Abbey, im pretty fun and LOOVVEEE asians ahaha, add my skype if you want to brah!

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Anonymous said: hey, abbey ^_^ i'm a girl from germany who discovered jgv and loves the beautiful boys together and i thought it would be so nice to have a girl who i can share that interest with i hope you don't think i'm weird xD if you like , here's my mail: starlight. carnival @ web(.) de

Oh omg! Id love to have a friend to talk to about it!!~ haha

never-stop-gv said: I love your blog OmO what other blogs should i follow?? -new to tumblr-

Oh hmm I’m not sure but I have many on my other kpop account :)

kiss91 said: The gay boys you uplaod are not korean they are japanese that's right ? Coz I see a lot of japanese gay drama but wich one you uplaod this from

I just get them off the Internet but I watch the videos on paradox five

kingoftheslys said: HI! may i know where to watch or download all those COAT videos? is there a main page that have all the COAT videos? i totally love COAT!

Yes u can watch them on www.paradoxfive.com

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Alrighty guys! Its almost christmas, What u all wishin for huh? I wish for ever single JGV person to come to my house for a sleep over! HELL YEAAAA

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Why? How?> Is JGV sooo much hotter and better than normal porn? like seriously… is it coz they gay and asian? omg Im confusing myself! i just love it too much that im questioning it! AHHHHHH

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